1st & Third

1st & Third

1st & Third is a React E-Commerce website where the user can browse and filter products pulled from the Fake Store API based on category, price, and customer rating, sort products based on price and item name, and add/update products in the cart. The user is then able to checkout by filling in their contact information in the checkout form with added form validation. I utilized the Context API paired with reducers for global state management.

Built With: React, React Router v6, Context API, Fake Store API, Hooks and Styled Components



Productiv is a dashboard application that solves the problem of having to switch between multiple applications to maintain productivity. A user is able to add tasks organized by project type as well as date. To aid the user in keeping deadlines, tasks are automatically added to the inbox that are due the current day. Productiv also includes widgets such as a Pomodoro Timer and calculator.

Built With: Html, Css/Sass, Vanilla JavaScript, Webpack 5, Quotes API, Firebase Firestore, and Firebase Authentication


Visions of Hope Psychological Services, LLC "Re-skin" (Freelance)

This is a "re-skin" for a previous freelance website I built for Visions of Hope Psychological Services, LLC. They are a local private practice based in Richmond, Virginia that needed to create their online presence as well as generate leads and provide current and potential clients with a space to learn more information about their private practice. They changed their logo and wanted a new look for their site that would compliment it. To allow for future additions/upgrades I decided to build this using Next.js to accomodate a possible addition of a blog in the future.

Built With: Next.js & Styled Components

Atlas Behavioral Health and Wellness Homepage

Atlas Behavioral Health + Wellness (Freelance)

This is a multi-page static website that I built for Atlas Behavioral Health + Wellness, a mental health private practice based in North Chesterfield, Virginia. They are in the process of opening their private practice and were in need of a website to attract new clients, allow new and existing clients to schedule appointments as well as offer information about their company.

Built With: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

About Me


I am a Junior Software Engineer at Township who genuinely enjoys all things Front End as well as a challenge! I created a YouTube channel to document my journey, and share demo videos of projects I have worked on. When i'm not in front of my laptop you can find me getting my 10,000 steps in for the day, trying a new restaurant, or listening to music!










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